"What a Wonderful World"

Guitar Fingerstyle Songs

I play dozens of fingerstyle arrangements. Like this one, some are posted on my YouTube channel. Many people, I’ve noticed throughout the years, haven’t encountered this style before. It’s a technique I cultivated during the pandemic.

"7 Days a Week"

Original Music

This song was taken from Catching Clarity’s first album. Our originals are bursting with energy, trying to force people to the dance floor.

"We Finally Won"

Wholesome Messages

Every song I write is kid friendly, with no fowl language or suggestive themes. I want to uplift people with my lyrics, never put them down.

"Let it Be"

Popular Music

I play music from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and even songs written within the past few years. Each gig is unique. I take in the crowd and alter my sets accordingly.

"Aint No Rest"

Looking for a band?

This video is a tad old, but it carries the spirit of Catching Clarity, my main group. We have a new bassist now, so we’ll be updating this shortly.

"Blue Bossa"

Wedding or formal event coming up?

Butter Rum is a jazz quartet from the Bemidji area. We’ve been playing for over a decade and are happy to gig wherever we’re needed!